Thursday, April 3, 2008

Peguins, Revisited

A little bit over a week ago I wrote about the big oil discovery in the Falkland Islands and how Argentina is developing a deep and abiding love for the place. Yesterday President Kirchner said her country's claim to the islands is 'inalienable.' You know South American politicians mean business when they start swiping our material. Here's an AFP story all about her claim without ever once mentioning why the sudden interest.

Here's why you should care. If Argentina and England get into it again over who controls the Falklands this would actually be a War For Oil. President Kirchner is a left-wing lawyer. She is a former First Lady who served as a senator before she became president. She's been compared to Eva Peron and she's cool with that. Sound at all familiar? If you wanted to know how Hillary Rodham Clinton would conduct a war there is a ready-made example in Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. I'm guessing things will get nasty in a hurry. Women fully comprehend the scorched-earth policy.