Sunday, March 30, 2008

Now, where would they get that?

OK. I am no scientist, a fact which shall become abundantly clear. According to this AFP story Columbian officials have obtained a sample of the uranium FARC had for sale. The depleted uranium. Of course the press misses the point slightly. They're all worked up over where it ended up when they should be asking from whence it came. I doubt it fell off the back of a truck.

The stuff that comes out of the ground is like diesel fuel. They pick the dinosaurs out and there you go. In order to get fissionable material the uranium must be refined, like gasoline. What's left over after that is your depleted uranium. There aren't very many places in the world that have the necessary equipment to refine uranium. Columbia ain't one of them. Russia is. China is. Iran could be. Us, too, by the way, and we might not even notice (or report) 110 pounds of the stuff missing. But Russia, China, and Iran have all been trying to establish themselves in the Western Hemisphere. Towards that end they've been loving up Hugo Chavez, who probably thinks he's people now. So did one of those three arrange for FARC to have depleted uranium or did FARC get it through Chavez? Or did it come from somewhere else entirely?

Uribe has FARC pretty well whupped. The attempt by the media to make them out to be super-scary terrorists with nukes, IMO, is designed to build their morale and make them out to be serious people engaged in a civil war instead of what they actually are: a cross between Jonestown and Deliverance. The question that needs answering is where the stuff came from. Those people are trying to start something.