Friday, March 21, 2008

No, stupid. Dig UP!

My, my, my, hasn't fate been unkind to Mr. Obama. His maternal grandparents, who raised and supported the offspring of their errant daughter, were straight up racists. Or his grandma was, anyhow. But it's not her fault she's a typical white person.

An interesting dynamic seems to recur in ol' Barry's life, one of evil, flawed women and the noble men who suffer them. What a catch he must be. I say we elect him. The second it all turns to crap he'll blame Michelle, she'll hack his huevos off with a rusty can lid on live TV, and we'll all feel so empowered. At any rate, I'm from DC by way of Virginia, and I don't recall having any kind of reaction "bred into" me about race. Perhaps it's different up North.