Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Why feminists hate women

In the latest issue of The American magazine Christina Hoff Sommers writes about the gathering movement to apply Title IX of the Education Amendments act of 1972 to math and science education. http://www.american.com/archive/2008/march-april-magazine-contents/why-can2019t-a-woman-be-more-like-a-man Most people only see this as pointless and/or grindingly stupid; I'm here to tell you that it's an evil plot hatched by bags of a certain age to insure there will be no competition from younger women for the cushy lifestyles they've made for themselves. Not only do they not care about girls or young women, they are actively engaged in wrecking their lives.

In 1995 Shannon Faulkner applied for and was accepted into The Citadel, a male-only military academy in South Carolina. She never mentioned to them she was female until after she was accepted. Because The Citadel accepted federal funds they were obligated to take her. It was revealed that Faulkner had been put up to applying at the behest of her local chapter of NOW, who busily set about turning Miss Faulkner into the feminist heroine of the age. If Miss Faulkner may have had second thoughts about attending a school whose administration felt she had duped them and whose student body saw her as an interloper who wanted to ruin the school experience they were hoping to have, she would certainly felt pressure to keep those feelings to herself now that all womankind was counting on her to go through with this prank. She lasted four hours among the Corps of Cadets and resigned before the first week was out. NOW dropped her like a hot rock and another woman profited from her ordeal by writing a book about her. Miss Faulkner, who had wanted a career with the Navy and who could have gotten into Annapolis where they cheerfully accept women, now teaches high school back in SC.

Miss Faulkner needn't have suffered like that. The "Womyn" got ahold of an impressionable teenage girl and convinced her to walk into the rotors for sisterhood, with the predictable result. The course of Miss Faulkner's life was altered irrevocably because she was pushed into an environment that doomed her to failure in order to aggrandize old women who'd never dream of putting themselves on the line like that. In fact, when they were coming up they had the nurturing and care accorded hothouse flowers. Everyone was rooting for them to succeed. They have. They've accomplished all they set out to do and more and now they want to prevent competition by setting young girls up to fail in their first independent venture, robbing them of self-confidence as well as just plain robbing them. College is expensive. Most people literally cannot afford to fail. If you flunk out because you're ill-suited to your major or the institution you have no degree and a load of debt. So you go to work for whoever will hire you first. That's probably not going to be a law firm or a consulting gig. Or academia.

The fossilized Women's Libbers are not only sabotaging young womens' chances to better themselves through education, they seem to be actively involved in keeping women not of their class poor and uneducated. All to aggrandize themselves, and if their pockets get lined in the bargain so much the better.